Flex4 (Gumbo) Error 1046 Type Not Found Matrix3d - Easy Fix

If you decide to play with Gumbo (Flex 4), and that is certainly a worthwhile thing to do, you may find yourself bouncing between SDKs. That is, you might want to use the released, and likely more stable version 3.2 for most projects and save Gumbo for experimenting or projects that you really want to rotate system fonts and you don't care if the user has to upgrade to 10. You may find yourself in a situation where the Flex compiler really doesn't like you and gives you numerous errors with no given location. Something like the following:

    Error => 1046: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant:Matrix3D.
    Resource => {mxml doc name}
    Path => {empty}
    Location => Unknown

You may also see an error with Vector instead of Matrix3d. In this case, the problem is a simple one.

On your Flex Compiler settings view, the required Flash Player version must be at least 10,0,0. (I just tried unchecking "Requires Flash Player version" and still no dice. Even if you don't require it, it still looks for version 10 and will bitch without it.The following shows what it ought to be for Gumbo to play nicely:

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Michael Pelz-Sherman's Gravatar Thanks dude - you just saved me a lot of head-scratching!
# Posted By Michael Pelz-Sherman | 1/14/09 12:36 PM
darryl's Gravatar ditto - much appreciated!
# Posted By darryl | 1/31/09 3:06 PM
Tejas Sanghavi's Gravatar Totally agree. saved quite a lot of time
# Posted By Tejas Sanghavi | 4/2/09 5:12 PM
Rob McCardle's Gravatar Really useful, cheers for posting mate
# Posted By Rob McCardle | 5/21/09 2:06 PM
Alok's Gravatar Thank you. One of my problems are solved :)
# Posted By Alok | 8/28/09 2:46 AM
Remizorrr's Gravatar Is there any way to solve this problem in "Library project"? there is no option - Flash Player Version.
# Posted By Remizorrr | 8/31/09 5:52 AM
DonaldTrump's Gravatar Remizorrr: Try looking for the file ".actionScriptProperties." Open that up and search for "htmlPlayerVersion" which is an attribute for the <compiler> tag, and set that manually to 10.0.0.

You may need to close the project in Flex first before editing this, then re-open the project and execute a Clean.
# Posted By DonaldTrump | 9/1/09 12:32 PM
Agish's Gravatar Thanks...It works.....
# Posted By Agish | 9/14/09 12:53 PM
Raji's Gravatar Hi,

I dont have gumbo. I got this 1046 error in flex3.0. But i set the flash player version as 10.0.0. Eventhough i am getting the same problem. wt i have to do.Thanks
# Posted By Raji | 9/16/09 4:10 AM
jason olmsted's Gravatar @Raji - I haven't seen this error outside of using Gumbo so, off the top of my head, I don't think that I can immediately assist you. That said, your problem is bound to occur in one of two areas: your project settings or your code.

You say that you aren't using Gumbo, so which specific SDK are you using? Are you using any compiler arguments or even importing any libraries that might have dependencies or expectations of your project?

As for your code, depending on the size of your project, feel free to post it here for me, and others to inspect. In general, however, I would start removing/commenting code until you can compile again in order to isolate the offending code. If that doesn't work, try creating a new empty project that will compile and then incrementally import your existing work. Once you can isolate what is ruining your day, it will be significantly easier to receive assistance.

Good luck!
# Posted By jason olmsted | 9/16/09 10:13 AM
AntonyX's Gravatar Wow! Thank you soooooo much!
# Posted By AntonyX | 10/23/09 6:12 AM
Ariel Jakobovits's Gravatar thanks. needed this.
# Posted By Ariel Jakobovits | 10/27/09 7:29 PM
Nabeel's Gravatar I am trying to build my project with hudson and even though I have specified target player 10.0 in my pom.xml i still get this error when i build with hudson.
On the other hand maven builds the project successfully
# Posted By Nabeel | 6/28/10 8:58 AM
debo's Gravatar perfect...exactly what my problem was!
# Posted By debo | 9/9/10 3:47 PM
Flv Player's Gravatar yes... thanks
# Posted By Flv Player | 11/8/10 10:22 AM
Mahesh's Gravatar Thanks ....Dude...good help
# Posted By Mahesh | 12/14/10 7:37 AM
Pete's Gravatar See my post on http://www.actionscript.org/forums/showthread.php3... for more discussion on this and some related compile-time errors
# Posted By Pete | 7/18/11 5:14 PM
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