Flash at South Park Studios

Sort of related to my professional endeavors ... thought probably not ... I noticed at South Park Studios they have a nifty flash that allows one to build south park character avatars. This has probably been there for awhile, but, admittedly, I usually just bounce to the Studios to get a fix of South Park and then quickly move on. Tonight I treated myself to "Red Sleigh Down" (617) and "Mystery of the Urinal Deuce" (1009). Not feeling like doing much (except set up VisualSVN Server so I can remotely access my repositories), I decided to look around.

The interface isn't so bad, though I did wind up generating a few errors - perhaps the reason that I had to get creative in extracting my final product. Of course, that leads to the philosophical question of how much testing one should do before releasing. In this case, one has to imagine that the app was created by a team with a budget; both time and money. So why did it break under normal usage?

Anyway, I get a nifty picture out of it, so not a complete loss ... though mostly.

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