The Wisdom of a Hardcore Quaker Extremist

There are lots of good resources for developers, but they all aren't technical in nature. Today, I came across a tremendous resource for those that, in addition to improving the skills of their craft, are also trying to best position ourselves in a time of uncertainty (and imminent economic doom, depending on whose counsel you listen). Best of all this resource is free if you don't mind screen reading or relatively cheap if you want the printed version.

As a preface, my own inclinations are rooted in the ideology of the framers of the American Republic (I'm a centrist. That is, you can locate my thinking as somewhere between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson). And it would have to be fair to say that they all were influenced by the writings of Richard Saunders. If we were all so influenced, the economies of the world would not today be so tumultuous.

"So what signifies wishing and hoping for better times? We may make these times better, if we bestir ourselves. Industry need not wish, and he that lives upon hope will die fasting. There are no gains without pains." "If we are industrious, we shall never starve; for at the working man's house hunger looks in, but dares not enter. Nor will the bailiff or the constable enter, for industry pays debts, while despair increases them. What, though you have found no treasure, nor has any rich relation left you a legacy. Diligence is the mother of good luck, and God gives all things to industry." - Richard Saunders

Poor Richard had a lot more to say, and I dare say the entire body of his works are worth reading, contemplating and then applying. These adages will serve us well in any endeavor that we might pursue so we should "begin in good time, it cannot be too soon."

I am glad that Nayika Publishing is offering this book, The Way to Wealth and Poor Richard's Almanac, along with others, freely in pdf form as well as for a token amount in print. You can check out their Wisdom of the World Series (I keep thinking baseball when I read that); the book title headers are links to the downloadable pdf.

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