Flex Presentation in Tampa - Thanks To Those That Attended

I gave my first real presentation last night, Flex Time1. About 10 people showed up and only one left in the middle. To be fair, he did say something about having to "meet a stripper in 10 minutes" (that's what I heard), so how can you compete with that? Otherwise, it was a good crowd of varying backgrounds with thoughtful questions. We even had an iPhone developer show up hoping to get insight into how to use Flash in place of Object C development, so Adobe's iPhone announcement is reverberating beyond just its core fans.

I've attached the Flex Time presentation to this post, but it probably is not the most effective standalone piece. At the end, however, you'll find a promo code good for a 15% discount from imageMEDIA.com (good if you need business cards, postcards and other full color printing2). I'll also be attaching the demos shortly.

So, if you made it to the Meetup, thank you for showing up. If you didn't, well, you missed pizza and soda (or "pop" or "cola" or whatever you generically call Coca Cola products) and a couple hours of good conversation about rich internet applications.

1 Actually, it wasn't technically my first presentation as I got suckered in high school to give a pre-packaged manatee presentation to middle school kids - that was really fun. Anyway, last night was much better than 90 middle school kids staring me down as I explained manatee milking. How I wish that last statement was just a joke.

2 You'll have to forgive the gratuitous S E O manueuver.

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Aaron Greenlee's Gravatar Thanks for the presentation. We're all looking forward to 2.0 from your partner, Alex next month.
# Posted By Aaron Greenlee | 10/14/09 12:40 PM
jason olmsted's Gravatar I enjoyed giving the presentation and look forward to giving it another whirl in the future (though I am definitely content to enjoy the fruits of other presenter's efforts for awhile).

And I'm interested in Alex's presentation as well. Even though we work together, we definitely go off in different directions. And, as I mentioned last night, since I like to make things more difficult for myself, getting insight into the use of the Flex-CF wizard is going to be a good thing.
# Posted By jason olmsted | 10/14/09 12:58 PM
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