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I mentioned in my last post that an iPhone developer attended a Flex presentation that I gave. He was hoping to get some info on how he might use Flash as a means of producing apps instead of Objective C. Not sure what development environments exist for iPhone development presently, but the idea of using Flash is obviously titillating to some.

Anyway, that conversation got me curious. What support, if any, will Flash CS5 expose to developers for accessing hardware features. Things like GPS, magnetometers and accelerometers are pretty much required for certain mobile applications. Unfortunately, as I checked on labs, I also discovered that I really ought to not skim so much; "sneak preview" ≠ "beta". So there is not a way to presently go spelunking the tool to check.

So maybe someone out there knows. Does Adobe support, or intended support as it is still in development, for cross-compiling to the iPhone provide any way to access hardware features that are unique to a mobile device?


Update: I took Andy's advice and checked out Mike Chamber's post. Buried in the comments was the link I was seeking: Applications for iPhone:Developer FAQ.

Specifically, about halfway down is this tidbit:

Which native iPhone APIs and functionality are supported when using Flash tooling?

The following native device APIs and functionality are supported:

  • MultiTouch
  • Screen Orientation
  • Saving images to Photo Library
  • Accelerometer
  • Geo-location
  • Cut / Copy / Paste

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andy matthews's Gravatar I've blogged about this upcoming feature a little bit on my site. Adobe released all of the sessions from MAX online, one of which was a CS5 presentation which talked about the features CS5 will offer. It might answer some questions.

Also, Mike Chambers had a blog post about it as well:
# Posted By andy matthews | 10/14/09 10:37 AM
jason olmsted's Gravatar Thanks for the pointers, Andy. I haven't begun the process of reviewing the Max sessions (but tremendous how quickly they were made available this year), but definitely on the todo list.
# Posted By jason olmsted | 10/14/09 11:00 AM
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