Flex Intro Presentation in Tampa Bay - October 13

I should have made a post earlier since I am going to be competing with the tremendous reports coming out of MAX (and there were some pretty nifty announcements in today's keynote), but, here goes anyway. For the Central Florida Web Developers User Group (Tampa Bay, FL area), I'll be giving an intro to Flex that focuses on the practical things one can immediately do with a minimum of experience; sort of like a Flex Discovery Flight that encourages you to take the controls.

The group is largely comprised of CF developers (so expect some chatter on CF9), seemingly all of whom have not yet taken the plunge into the wonderful world of Flex. While it is a mostly ColdFusion audience, I will also cover easy techniques to communicate with any server side technology.

Also, since I am a big believer in meeting-oriented giveaways, I have cajoled my employer, imageMEDIA, into printing full size Flex 3 and Actionscript 3 posters. Haven't worked out if it will be a single giveaway, but somebody not me will be going home with them.

So, if you'll be in Tampa on Tuesday, October 13 2009 and want an intro to Flex, and a chance to get some handy Flex posters, sign up for my Flex talk that our meetup organizer, Aaron, has named Flex Time.

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