Is the Tampa Bay Coldfusion User Group dead?

The site is now a Network Solutions ad page (no link because it is now just an ad site). This is somewhat sad as there were about 10 people at the last meeting some months ago and it seemed like a renewed interest in revitalizing the group. Worse, our local Adobe Enterprise evangilist Greg Wilson had offered to help with the group and to coordinate with another potentially dead group, the Tampa Flash, Flex and AIR Developers group.

In the case of the Tampa Flash, Flex and AIR Developers Group (I would have called it the Tampa Actionscript MXML Plus Ajax (TAMPA) group, but rarely is my genius acronym ability consulted), I'm pretty sure that the folks at HD Interactive are busy. The presentation that they gave at barcampa Tampa 2009 showed that they are working with some really cool augmented reality projects so I can forgive them for being a little distracted. That said, when they have meetings, more than 50 people show up. From what I know of user group participation, that's frickin' tremendous.

Anyway, with the Tampa Bay CF group seemingly DOA, and the TFFA somewhat MIA, I guess I'll just have to be happy that the Central Florida Web Developers User Group is still meeting reguarly, even if they are set to endure my neophyte introductory Flex presentation next week (Tuesday, October 13 @ 6).

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Matthew Zimmer's Gravatar Awesome! Around here in Orlando (the *real* Central Florida ;-) ) we have Adogo (Adobe Developers of Greater Orlando - which meets up every first Monday of each month. I am attending my first meeting tonight but I am excited that this group exists in Orlando. Maybe some day in the future we can meet up half way (Lakeland?) and join our groups to become one SUPER group!

I just signed up for the CFWDUG group! It would be awesome to get a similar "CFinNC" event here in Central Florida. Food for thought.
# Posted By Matthew Zimmer | 10/12/09 3:59 PM
jason olmsted's Gravatar @Matthew: Actually my fellow co-blogger and I had a chance to hang out with Brian LeGros at Flex Camp Miami and we actually trekked out to an Adogo meeting back when Ben Forta was touring for CF8. You are definitely lucky to be in an area with really talented and active CF & Flex developers. As for something like CFinNC, I think the Tampa side needs to get better organized. Of course, what Aaron Greenlee is doing with the Central Florida Web Developers User Group is a good start towards that end (he is a recent transplant, so I guess he didn't know it ought to be West Central ... oh well)
# Posted By jason olmsted | 10/12/09 4:15 PM
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