Actionscript Apps for Android

Since I have recently hopped onto the Android bandwagon, I've been perusing the market. After installing the working Tricorder everything does some weak by comparison, but I did press on.

Surprisingly, I found two ActionScript related apps for Android lately:

  • ActionScript Reference for Android
  • Flubble

ActionScript Reference for Android

This ought to be rather self-explanatory. Jonathan Dunlap has whipped together a little android app that offers the AS3 helpdocs. Nothing earth shattering, but a nice way to spelunk the docs. I'm thinking that it'll be my go-to app when I have to kill some time.


I haven't quite figured out what to make of Flubble yet. Ostensibly, it is a stubbing app for ActionScript classes. I haven't used this for an actual project yet, but I have run some tests and received my class files both as AS3 and XML. The XML is an interesting option that threatens to have some potential, though I haven't worked out quite how I would use it. It looks to be a nifty little app and I hope that I can fit it into the workflow in some way.

Of course, there are a lot of generic supporting apps to be found (text editors, ftp clients, ftp server (odd), flash card makers and the like), but for some reason I was surprised to find an app like Flubble. It does get the wheels turning about what sort of apps could be created for the platform.

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Sam H.'s Gravatar Hello. Thank you for the article. As for the applications on iPhone, Google Nexus One and PalmPre, there is a video at showing one code base consisting of Flash CS5 and ActionScript 3 source files deployed as AIR applications to iPhone 3GS, Google Nexus One Android device, and PalmPre- the application is "PhillyGeekCentral". I think it will be useful for you.
# Posted By Sam H. | 7/5/10 8:51 AM
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