Alexa vs Compete - and the winner is?

As I am of late in a SEO state of mind, and have an odd sense of humor - though maybe not as bad a one as drives this is why you're fat - I decided to compare and at there respective sites. I was surprised by the graphs that follow:

Graph comparing traffic at and produced by

From (but where is
Graph comparing traffic at and produced by
Just to be certain, I ran subsequent test compares on to ensure that there was not a glitch or other possible error that prevented the inclusion of their own statistics. Was able to compare other sites without any problems. apparently is not forthcoming with information about themselves. That seems pretty crappy. If you are a provider of statistics about web sites, why should your own not be in the public facing database (inconceivable that they are not keenly aware of their own performance)?

There might be some greater takeaway, but I'm just wondering about the mindset that makes such decisions. So maybe I'll be happy that Compete is getting more traffic.

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