Google Gmail Is Serving Spam

Am I just being paranoid is Google's Gmail deliberately trying to feed me spam? I've been noticing for some time now recipes involving spam appearing in the ad/news/spam-pushing area above my messages.

I know that I am in my "spam" filter, but I thought that they were better than that. I attended conferences where it was explained that Google uses behavioral information to differentiate the contextual meanings. The classic example is "Java"; it's coffee, a small island in the Pacific and I think it also has something to do with computers (oh yeah, it's scripting for web pages1). Anyway, it is amazing to me that, while browsing the mail caught by a google spam filter, their marketing department is telling me to eat it. And it's like it is Bubba of Bubba Gump2 : spam kabobs, spam quiche, spam primavera, ginger spam salad .... tremendous.

1: This is sarcasm and a weak attempt at humor brought on by flashbacks of my active days at comp.lang.javascript.

2: Nothing against Bubba Gump as I enjoyed a really good meal there at the Mall of America falling CF.Objective 2008 and also at City Walk in Orlando

Today's recipe is Spam Fajitas and it is served in my inbox, not the spam filter. What gives?

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