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I have a libertarian bent and an affection for the framers of the United States of America. Alexander Hamilton is tremendous and deserves a memorial greater in scale than the Jefferson or Lincoln memorials - oh wait, he has one, it's called the Constitution. And, if we would stop amending it, it would remain a great thing (the 1st 10 amendments are good, the next 5 ok, hate the 16th, 17th, 18th & 22nd, ambivalent on the rest).

I think Atlas Shrugged is a phenomenal book and that most, probably all, of the world's ills can be solved through motivated self-interest. Capitalism is the greatest force for good in the world because through it we discover the motivation to accomplish all the things we generally regard as good: nutrition, shelter, transportation, energy, health care, environmentalism, education, technology, most anything you can conceive. Of course, about that communication thing, I did abandon television. It had such great promise, but it just wasn't worth it anymore when I had hundreds of channels and nothing to watch (even How It's Made gets old after you've seen most of them several times - plus some were seemingly purposefully incorrect - btw, don't get me started on MythBusters). If you are some form of anti-industrialist, neo-Luddite .. well, actually, I won't be hearing from you because you won't be using a computer.

The proposed bailout is straight up theft. People so fear failure that they seem inclined to go along with any plan that promises, without any substance of course, to avert it. Of course, by trying to prevent the individual failure of deserving groups, we threaten the failure of the whole system for everyone. If you are wondering what the proper action of the government ought to be, look to JFK and Reagan. The economy performs best when it is taxed least. Moreover, the government has always increased tax revenue by descreasing tax rates.

So, I mention these things as a preface to an invitation to check out if you have not already done so. Tons of videos espousing view points that seem so sane. Of course, I haven't seen everything there so I won't say it's all good, but definitely worth checking out.

Anyway, brief deviation from programming topics, I'll try to avoid repeating it.

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