Live from Flex Camp Miami - Part 3 - Merapi

The Merapi presentation is interesting - essentially it is a bridge between AIR/Flex and a Java application layer using AMF provided by BlazeDS components. The downside for them is that some of the functionality they have created has been obsoleted by Adobe improvements to the runtime.

The Lego Mindstorm is the highlight of the demonstrations, though the RFID demonstration has its own special merits. However, I would be more interested in seeing demos of the system accessing things like scanners or other USB connected system devices.

Definitely an interesting project, but it is still pre-Beta

Live from Flex Camp Miami - Part 1 - Data Services in AIR

David Tucker's presentation on data services in AIR has been rather informative, particular on the encrypted file store. Sessions are running a bit long and they are trying to make up for by squishing the breaks between sessions.

I'm looking forward to seeing his slides on in just a bit.

The swag has been quite nice so far (CS4 master, flex builder), though since I made out pretty well at the Tampa meeting, no complaints for not winning anything.

I'll post more meanginfully later ... on to Maxim and AOP

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