Live from Flex Camp Miami - Part 5 - Continuous Integration

Continuous integration was one of the major reasons for coming down to Miami. Luckily, I had a chance to have dinner the night before with Brian Legros, along with several others, and had a chance to ask some direct questions.

His presentation was good for whetting the appetite for moving forward. Alex and I have known for awhile that we need to run a tighter ship, and it was encouraging to be told that don't worry about being comprehensive right at first. Continuous integration, at least my take on it, has pretty much centered around formal testing, and embracing that is not a trivial thing - a good and needful thing, for sure, but not without baggage. So it's nice to be told to just get started, even if you aren't really using everything to its fullest.

The other big take away is that I had not heard of Hudson before; my trajectory was headed toward CruiseControl. Continuous Integration with Hudson looks like a much better fit for our needs and I'm looking forward to giving it a whirl.

Another nice nugget, since I do want to start with testing, is that Fluint supports CI. It is nice knowing that there is a finish line.

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