Live from Flex Camp Miami - Part 7 - Mate

Sort of delayed - had to jet from Miami to make the trek home - but the last session of the day was Mate, was, in addition to continuous integration, another major reason I came.

My take away from the session is that Laura's framework provides an event handling mechanism for business logic that offers better separation of concerns. Admittedly, this has been an area of concern for mine of awhile, where should your remote communication handling go? Mate looks like it provides a clean, sane way to handle this and this weekend I'll start playing with it.

Other than the potential merits of the framework, which I will discuss later as I explore it, it was a good way session to end the day. Maxim and Laura went back and forth a bit on some issues, but I was unfortunately too far away to listen to everything clearly. Maxim and Laura are both very competent programmers so it was fun to see the interaction and it seemed to have a happy ending. If nothing else, the lesson is that not all programmers have the same needs.

Aside: maybe it's the times, but as I listened to Laura's description to dependency I couldn't help but think that "from each component according to its ability, to each component according to its need". Then crazy thoughts about object oriented programming best suited to handle changes ... OOP ... Obama Oriented Programming - Programming for Hope and Change ... like, since we can't do it right the first time, I hope nothing changes. Anyway, that was in my random doodling.

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