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Alex has been playing with the Windows 7 RC at work and I have to admit that really quickly I developed a case of calculator envy - I'm a lazy geek, it's true (and I have been working on projects that require me to frequently dip down into binary and bitwise operators).

So, some quick google based perusing yielded a free Windows 7 Calculator for Vista and all was good. But lately I have been inclined to go through blog site comments with added attention and I stumbled upon a link to SpeQ at the lifehacker site.

The Windows 7 Calculator is prettier than SqeQ, but SpeQ looks to be the best lightweight Windows Math Program I have seen. It's not going to replace Maple or Matlab, or any other large comprehesive math program, but it is small, fast and incredibly versatile.

You work in a Notepad like environment that enable you to work in an immediate mode [ type 3+3 and enter and you get Ans = 6 ] as well as the ability to assign expressions to variables for easy reuse in compound expressions. Since you are working in an editor, it is easy to bounce back into earlier expressions and make changes and saving the session for notes, reuse, sharing, or whatever is simple. It includes a handy view of all the variables (including values) that you have defined and another view that allows you to quickly browse the many built-in constants, functions, operators, units and more. It even does graphing.

It isn't the most attractive app ever, but so far it has been intuitive, easy to use, and seemingly unburdened with useless crap. The fact that it is small, portable, fast and free is just bonus.

Anyway, I expect to be using this guy quite a bit and thought that I'd share.

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