Yahoo Site Explorer Pages Count Off The Chain

I've done some preliminary searching, but haven't found anyone chatting about it, so ... Did anyone else notice that Yahoo Site Explorer numbers for Pages jumped dramatically on Wednesday?

For competitive analysis, I track the Yahoo Site Explorer numbers, pages & Inlinks, for a group of sites competing in the same keyword phrase space. The sites don't have equal performance, and I throw in a 900lb gorilla and a total non-performer in the market space as a sort of control. I track the raw numbers and then normalize them by computing percent deviation so performance comparisons are apple-to-apple. Of the sites, all of them experienced huge changes in Pages count on Wednesday. The largest jump, experienced by the 900lb gorilla, was 68190.22% (a transition from 5665 pages to 3868641 pages). Even for the non-performer, the jump was 163.64% (33 pages to 87).

I initially suspected that this would be a blip as I am pretty confident that, even with all the pro grammatically created pathways through the site on which I am working, the number of pages is not above 200,000. Anyway, this is my third day of observing numbers of this, seemingly unrealistic, magnitude and they don't look like they are going away.

Inlink counts are unaffected. Anyone have any insight into what Yahoo is doing or thoughts about the jump?

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