Wow - Maybe I Should Have Gone To CFUnited This Year

There are a lot of tremendous resources out there, and one of the ones I frequent most is Forta's. So, while chillin' out for a spell last night (watching Lost episodes online and trying not to think about an ever growing Flex shopping cart system) I was at looking for any announcements from CFUnited. So imagine my surprise after following a link from Ben's site to the CFUnited 2009 Community Achievement Award that I found mention of this blog.

Sure, it would've been swell to have won the Best New Coldfusion Blog award, but, seriously, I have visited Jason Dean's and Marc Esher's on lots of occasions so I am happy to see them get recognition. That Marc won the honor is great ... and no sour grapes because he has been blogging since 2007!

So really, how the heck did make it onto the list? And why did Alex get top billing? ... damn alphabetical order.

Anyway, a very cool discovery to end the day ... and a sincere thanks to whoever was kind enough to include us among the nominees.

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