Barcamp Tampa Bay '09 - Dev Day

This was my first barcamp and even my first unconference so I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. I managed to attend six sessions that covered a broad range of topics, but all were very interesting; I'll blog separately on each of the sessions.

I do want to mention that it was a very worthwhile experience and I was genuinely surprised by the quality of the presentations. Actually, it gives me a lot of good examples on which to lean as I prepare my first presentation (I'll be posting on that in the very near future). All of the speakers had very different approaches, but all knew their topics incredibly well and were able to interact in a relaxed format that encouraged participation (I like participation as it encourages actively pondering the information; good for rentention).

Also worth mentioning are the USF facilities. The presenation rooms were tremendous. With students on hand to assist the speaker with interfacing to the A/V system there were no problems or delays. Each room was apportioned with over-kill white board space, dual projectors and even a camera projector that enabled the display of items on the desk (This was incredibly useful for a live demonstration of an iPhone app), They are obsessed with participants not eating or drinking in the rooms, and I'm actually very happy for it,

The conference started later than I thought they would - I don't think they were late, I just didn't pay attention to the schedule - but it gave me, and my relunctant co-blogger a chance to chat with Greg Wilson. Greg shared super secret Adobe stuff - well, not so much - but at least indicated that there would be a forthcoming meeting of the Tampa Flash, Flex and Air Developers Group. Ironically, it was around Max time last year that the group got started. Hopefully the run into 2010 will have more staying power.

Now the question is whether to go back for the New Media events tomorrow.

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