Barcamp Tampa Bay '09 - Tampa Bay Microcontroller & Robotics Group

I was suprised to see this one listed on the schedule and happy to see that I was effectively free to go off the beaten path (no other topics in that slot that were more work related/compelling). Essentially, in the last 4 months a group has gotten together on meetup to explore embedded programming with an eye to robotics. Make Magazine was attributed as the inspiration and, I have to admit, I can think of no other magazine that makes me think that I am wasting my weekends. There literally are so many people working on cool projects and pursuing their unique, and sometimes not so unique goals that it is hard not to feel like a slacker.

Anyway, it is always cool to see those with a desire to learn something new go for it. It is better yet when they exercise the sensible judgement to crawl before they walk and stick with the goal even in the face of a steep learning curve. The group shared their current projects, pitched their meetup and otherwise shared their enthusiam. Not sure if I can dedicate the time to that group, but I'll definitely be trying to steer some friends and family that way.

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