ActionScript: Emerging Free Book on Bitmaps

Thibault Imbert, an Adobe Systems Engineer, is working on a new book, "What can you do with bytes?", that he'll be releasing as a downloadable pdf for free.

Thibault does a lot of interesting work with ActionScript and his site is worth frequenting (especially if you are francophone as he is also one of the few, maybe only one writing AS books in French). Anyway, he is releasing as he goes and, as of the time of this post, the first 45 pages are available.

Incidentally, I came across this while looking for a way to inject animated gifs into Flash. There is a nifty site, ajaxload, that has a free animated gif generation service for throbbers.

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Inas Luthfi's Gravatar Hello,

I have read the first available chapter, it is really a great start!

And correcting your blog title, the book is not about Bitmaps, but it is discussing about usefulness of ByteArray class in Flash. Tingling with binary data, reading and writing make it possible for us to create useful thing like PDF writer (like AlivePDF), creating SWF on the fly, and classic Game Emulator :)
# Posted By Inas Luthfi | 4/20/10 2:36 PM
jason olmsted's Gravatar Thanks for the clarification. I only skimmed the pdf and probably, because of the bias of the search that got me there in the first place, made some limiting assumptions about it. I'm hoping to read it by the weekend and am glad to know others are finding it worthwhile; expecting to have good things to blog about it after reading it.
# Posted By jason olmsted | 4/20/10 3:53 PM
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