Steve Jobs Is A Winner

I was going to write an extended bit about the latest bit of discourse between Apple and Adobe, but the schedule is not going to allow it (and, really, who wants to read it?). So, instead, I will just share the wonderful accompanying image that I forced out of an Apple phanboy (along with sizable chunks of his soul) using Adobe tools. So, with no further ado, Steve Jobs, Winner, Biggest Douche of the Universe:

Steve Jobs receiving the Biggest Douche of the Universe award.

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david's Gravatar with the crown and fat face I thought I was looking at George W Bush
# Posted By david | 5/16/10 4:44 AM
Jose Galdamez's Gravatar Go to any nightclub. I promise you will find much bigger douches hanging around there. Oh wait, that's right. Developer's don't have a social life.
# Posted By Jose Galdamez | 5/16/10 12:12 PM
mike's Gravatar oh jose gadalmez I bet you hang out every night! you look so cool in your webpage!
# Posted By mike | 5/17/10 8:50 AM
Jose Galdamez's Gravatar Mike,

I am a walking night club. You see that guy on the street that looks straight outta Night at the Roxbury. That's me. :)
# Posted By Jose Galdamez | 5/18/10 12:41 PM
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