How Many Ways To Make A Link?

Been doing some research on page optimization and have come across a number of different ways to make a link. Most seem designed to avoid notice by search bots, but I can see some other uses as well. Anyway, these are the various specimen of hyper text linking that I have been able to accumulate:

Plain Old Link

<a href="link.html">anchor</a>

Search Engine Ignore Link

<a href="link.html" rel="nofollow">anchor</a>

Inline JavaScript Link

<a href="javascript:location.href='link.html'">anchor</a>

Function based Javascript Link

function goLink() {
location.href = "link.html";
<a href="javascript:goLink()">anchor</a>
Lots of variations of this linking technique, but this is the gist.

Form Linking

<form method="post" action="link.html"><input type="submit" value="anchor" /></form>
With some styling, this can really blend into the page; you can completely remove the button nature of the input:submit. Depending on your needs, choose between POST or GET; POST should be cleaner in most cases.

Form Linking + JavaScript

<form method="post" onclick="this.submit();" action="link.html">anchor</form>
Styling can also make this really blend into the page. Depending on your needs, choose between POST or GET; POST should be cleaner in most cases.

Arbitrary Element Link w/jQuery

<InvalidTag type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

$(function() {
$("ul li").click(function() {
location.href = $(this).attr("href");

<li href="link.html">anchor</li>
This lets us turn any element into an active link. Additionally, since the extra href property is arbitrary, you can label it whatever you like.


Flash, SilverLight, Java, and any other extended technology. I've used the Flash one extensively to avoid having too many links on a page, but the rise of Mobile has really lowered the general efficacy of this sort of option.

Remote / iFrame Links

<iframe src="remoteLinks.html">
<!-- remote content in remoteLinks.html -->
<a href="link.html" target="_top">anchor</a>
With this, all of the links are in the remote file and you can use any of the above linking techniques. Make sure the target is set to "_top", or the desired window name you need for your application, to avoid odd behavior with the browser back button.

Other Thoughts

One can also employ images to better reconcile the goals of usability and sculpted anchor text; even for the Form technique.

If you have any other way of creating a links, please share them.

UPDATE: Split the Form type into two to differentiate between a normal form submit and a JavaScript assisted submit. UPDATE2: Added Arbitrary element link with jQuery

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