Flex In a PDF, Policy Files and RemoteObjects

I have started experimenting with delivering SWFs via PDF and have been beating my head against handling the crossdomain.xml policy file. The various permutations to my code have consistently pointed in one direction: one cannot use a non-default location for the policy file when accessing resources via an AMF-Channel. (this only applies to release builds; the security context of debugging is different, so you won't run into this problem there)

This may be a duh-moment for some as it does reveal my ignorance of the whole setup of the <RemoteObject> object. Specifically, is it a socket connection? This question is worth asking as:


Flex Embedded In PDF - Guest Starring Coldfusion And Flash Security Issues

One of the things that I think is really cool is that there is a full flash player in Acrobat 9. It is definitely a feature that looks useful as it allows you to embed some really powerful functionality into your documents and provides a totally different model for distributing a RIA.

Luckily, it has some potential importance to my day job, so when no one was looking, I scored a few moments to test it out. It was a really good exercise as it also give me a reason to actually think about the services.config.xml.

So, I started with a really simple Hello World style application. Of course, mine was more reminescent of two teenagers talking:


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