Java, Apple Doesn't Love You Anymore - She Probably Never Did

I have said before that, but for Adobe, I would abandon MS Windows. And, even for my own direct needs, I would probably already have plunged off the cliff towards Linux nirvana. The anchor that keeps me firmly tethered in the grasp of Redmond is the need to support designers. If the Creative Suite would play nicely on Ubuntu, I would pretty much force about a half dozen or so artists to take the plunge. But, back to reality. The only option away from Microsoft is Apple.

Apple has always been a non-starter for me. Perhaps unduly biased by a father who insisted on building his own computers - literally transistor by transistor in 70's and 80's - the early Apple offerings were considered "toys". That probably wasn't fair, but what might have been a hard-to-justify historical bias has instead become healthy fear of a company that would control its customers instead of serve them (this is done by offering a diminishing pool of seductive choices until one has so much invested into a brand that self-deception is easier than objective decision making - thinking may hurt more, but it's a good pain). Anyway, I don't have a good opinion of Steve Jobs the businessman or Apple the company (Steve Jobs may be a great guy in other arenas). Short story long, jumping to Apple is not likely happen of my own volition.

That said, it'll probably be a moot point soon. As Apple threatens to kill java as a viable application platform on the Mac, one suspects that this will ultimately mean the end of Mac versions of Flash Builder, Flash Catalyst and ColdFusion Builder. The problem is not that Apple will stop supporting Java, but that too much of the Apple platform is hidden from developers:


Steve Jobs Is A Winner

I was going to write an extended bit about the latest bit of discourse between Apple and Adobe, but the schedule is not going to allow it (and, really, who wants to read it?). So, instead, I will just share the wonderful accompanying image that I forced out of an Apple phanboy (along with sizable chunks of his soul) using Adobe tools. So, with no further ado, Steve Jobs, Winner, Biggest Douche of the Universe:


Tampa Bay Area: Flex 4, Flash Builder 4 and ColdFusion Builder Meetup and Happy Hour (04MAY2010)

This Spring is really shaping up to be really good for developers in Tampa. And of the upcoming events, this is the freebie one that you'll want to definitely attend. With promises of T-Shirts, software (Adobe Flash Builder 4/ColdFusion Builder) and potentially other stuff (I'm thinking stickers and maybe posters) - oh and adult bevarages - the Central Florida Web Developers User Group is hosting a meetup on Flex 4, Flash Builder 4 and ColdFusion Builder.

Click for details and to RSVP.

Tampa Bay Area: Exploring Interactivity in Creative Suite 5 (20APR2010)

On April 20, 2010, just on the heels of the release of Adobe Creative Suite 5, the Central Florida Web Developers User Group is hosting a session on Exploring Interactivity in CS5 given by James Lockman who is reputed to be a digital workflow consultant and trainer. Ostensibly, this event should appeal to "programmers, designers, experts and people just getting started with Web Development".

More details on "Exploring Interactivity in CS5".

Is the Tampa Bay Coldfusion User Group dead?

The site is now a Network Solutions ad page (no link because it is now just an ad site). This is somewhat sad as there were about 10 people at the last meeting some months ago and it seemed like a renewed interest in revitalizing the group. Worse, our local Adobe Enterprise evangilist Greg Wilson had offered to help with the group and to coordinate with another potentially dead group, the Tampa Flash, Flex and AIR Developers group.

In the case of the Tampa Flash, Flex and AIR Developers Group (I would have called it the Tampa Actionscript MXML Plus Ajax (TAMPA) group, but rarely is my genius acronym ability consulted), I'm pretty sure that the folks at HD Interactive are busy. The presentation that they gave at barcampa Tampa 2009 showed that they are working with some really cool augmented reality projects so I can forgive them for being a little distracted. That said, when they have meetings, more than 50 people show up. From what I know of user group participation, that's frickin' tremendous.

Anyway, with the Tampa Bay CF group seemingly DOA, and the TFFA somewhat MIA, I guess I'll just have to be happy that the Central Florida Web Developers User Group is still meeting reguarly, even if they are set to endure my neophyte introductory Flex presentation next week (Tuesday, October 13 @ 6).

Google Warns Against Celebrated Community Organizer

Google is warning against visiting today.

It looks like our favorite community organizer has been hacked!

Adobe Developer Day - Romania

It's good to see once in a while some positive news come out of my native country, Romania.

I am proud to say that the Romanian Adobe presence is doing well, and I wish them the best.

On that note, details about the Adobe Developer Day event in Bucharest, May 19, from Mihai Corlan, Adobe evangelist for Romania.

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