Flex and Google Analytics - Event Tracking Mystery and How To Track Events In Child Components

I've begun to start using the Google Analytics Tracking for Adobe Flash for the Adobe Flex at work. The early results have been promising, and the first wave of deployment happened last week. We re-released several applications to start tracking an important key performance indicator, new customer signups.

Getting started and using the analytics.swc is not that bad. And there is a good intro video at Adobe.tv on the integration of Google Tracking and Flex. Also, there is a recent, as of this writing, article at InsideRIA on Google Analytics within Flex/Flash Applications.

Using the Google component is relatively straightforward, but I have encountered a couple of snags. The first is Event Tracking, as opposed to Page Tracking, and the other is the required location of the <ga4flash:FlexTracker> object.


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