Adobe Drive Refuses To Connect - But Just For One Windows User

Normally, I would spend my evening continuing my exploration of Actionscript (last night was Namespaces ... that's going to need some time for digestion). Tonight, however, I spent the better part of my post-work evening trying to divine the great mysteries of Vista and Version Cue Cs4, particularly Adobe Drive. A designer could log into their Active Directory account and work just fine. She could even remotely log into the Version Cue administrator via a web browser with no problem. However, for some reason, Adobe Drive would not connect. It would detect the remote Version Cue service and even clicking on the "settings" for that instance in Adobe Drive would successfully launch the web browser and navigate to the server page.

To make matters even more confusing,


Version Cue & Office Christmas Gifts

In a sleep deprived, oddly written, earlier post, I extolled the virtues of Version Cue while lamenting virus scanner induced latencies. I want to revisit Version Cue again and show how helpful it can be for a project.

Leading into the holidays,I had this really odd idea for a set of gifts for the big bosses where I work. They both have odd catch phrases that they like to use (I think this may be a wide spread phenomena and I might be guilty of thinking that way too many things are "tremendous") while one has this thing for eating cereal at random times of the day. We'll skip the project for our cereal eater as I managed to unload that task onto others. Instead we'll focus on a perpetual, eternal and always present desire to take our organization "To The Next Level!"


XP + Version Cue + Antivirus = A Bad Time

Yesterday was a good day, I'm just waiting for it to end.

Bound, but sadly not gagged, to my aspirations of programming acumen is the need to create and support the infrastructure that makes it possible. This is mostly an abstraction during my day job; I entered an existing situation (legacy fun) where others have better knowledge concerning the reasoning behind certain decisions. Often, however, that seems to be a generous statement, but the short of it is that I am expected to normally remain on the sidelines. For my side interests, however, that are happily blending in with others, I am where the buck stops.

Unfortunately, that means that there are times when that means tomorrow becomes today without even noticing it. I'm on the downside of such a weekend, and I reckon I better record the events before they are cleansed by some seriously anticipated log cutting, (Note: Even though I don't think that I have apnea, just roll with the metaphor )

So my weekend woes revolve around Version Cue CS4 in two very different ways and hopefully this will serve, if not as a public service announcement, at some sort of aid in the debugging grief of another. The first is not an Adobe bug, even though it looked that way, the second ... maybe.


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