- An Open SEO Experiment

Even though I started web developing in 1994 (crazy huh), and have been trained in search engine optimization by Bruce Clay himself (good seminars, well catered and conveniently located near the Reagan Library - worth the trip) I have never run an Adsense campaign on one of my own domains. So tonight I began an experiment. Using some web space I have handy, and an idle domain, (my interests are varied and I really had a project in mind for this, but alas, not so much anymore). So now I have the beginnings of a resource for blimps, dirigibles, hot air balloons and other lighter than air craft. I did some quick googling for preliminary content - some wikipedia references, goodyear blimp, that sort of thing - and have a rudimentary scultping plan. Also, I have applied for an Adsense campaign and am awaiting the verification process; of course, I'm tracking with Google Analytics (even though I am sympathetic to the folks at Scroogle, my favorite behavioral searching scrubber, the business realities of needing analytics on budget win out over my latent paranoia).


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